At two different points during the Animagus side quest, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery players are asked what kind of animal they'd turn into if given the choice. Ravenclaw student Talbott Winger...

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24.5k Likes, 205 Comments - Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (@hphogwartsmystery) on Instagram: “While love may be in the air, let's not forget to take some time to appreciate all the friends…”
During the game in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery you, along with your companions, will be able to take part in numerous events. Some of them will require you to select the correct answer to a question. There will be 3 answers available: bad, good and great. A great option will reward you with numerous points, good with one point and the bad ...

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summer camp AU HPHM part five it’s @karins-horsewhip‘s turn. Care of creature lesson with Barnaby and Ash White is flirting with Penny to a date but Penny can’t because asked her to change shifts with her , Ash told Penny to asked Helene to take over but Penny said Allison knew about Ash IOU that she gave to every counselors if Penny switch shifts with someone.

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Hello everyone, welcome to the Walkthrough for Part One of Flying Solo Adventure for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. This one is available to all the students of Year 3 and above who completed Become an Animagus Adventure. In this one, you'll get the chance to find out more about Talbott Winger and eventually even befriend him.
HM Inktober Day# 28: Favorite Side Quest. It was hard to choose between Hagrid’s Birthday, Charlie’s illicit activities, and the animagus quest, but Hagrid can never get enough love, so here he is! hminktober hagrid hogwarts mystery hphm harry potter hogwarts mystery jacob's sibling hphm mc my art inktober

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